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Pet Bazaar NC

1140 N Lake Park Blvd Unit C & D

Carolina Beach NC, 28428

Client Agreement:

This agreement applies to current and future visits at Pet Bazaar NC.

Pet Bazaar NC agrees to provide care in a clean and safe environment. All pets are boarded or otherwise cared for by us without liability on our part for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other pets, or property by said pet, or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care have been exercised. Dogs will not be taken off property unless given consent by the owner. Dogs will be able to interact freely with other visitor dogs unless otherwise instructed. Please initial the following:

1: When dropping my pet off they will NOT be sick/contagious for the past 30 days. I understand Pet Bazaar NC has the right to refuse my dog if they are showing signs of sickness and if they ­do become sick they will be picked up right away.



2: My Pet has NOT been to another dog daycare/kennel in the last 14 days. This is VERY important and a rule that can not be broken. Just like taking your human children to school/daycare they are prone to illness and can be carriers of a virus. Violators will not be allowed back. PERIOD.


3: Pet Bazaar NC requests you provide your pets food labeled with directions. On the event they run out of food we will provide food for a $2 a meal fee. If you provide blankets or toys we are not responsible if the items get destroyed and please label the items as best you can.


4: If Pet Bazaar NC reasonably believes that your pet is having a serious health emergency, we will attempt to contact you at once. If we cannot reach you, we will try your emergency contact name. If we cannot reach you or your back-up, we will use our best judgment about your pet’s well being. We will attempt to contact the veterinarian you have designated. If you have not designated a veterinarian or if it is after hours, we will contact an available veterinarian and use our best judgment in following the treatment recommendations of the veterinarian. You agree as a condition of leaving your pet at Pet Bazaar NC, that our reasonable decisions are in the best interests of your pet and you agree to pay promptly all of the charges of the veterinarian.


5: In consideration of the services rendered by Pet Bazaar NC, you hereby agree to release and waive any right that you may have in law to recover medical payments, property damages, or bodily injury damages for any liability regardless of cost, provided that the liability is due to ordinary negligence (this release does not contemplate wanton, willful or malicious conduct) as a result of any injury that you or your dog may sustain from your own dog, any other dog or dogs, property belonging to me, or any other cause on the premises of Pet Bazaar NC. You hereby release and waive any right that you may have at law, to hold Pet Bazaar NC, the proprietor or any employees of Pet Bazaar NC, liable for any injury which may occur to you or your dog, dogs, or other property provided this injury or damage is due to ordinary circumstances of negligence. You further agree that you are assuming the risk of allowing your dog to participate in day care where your dog will be interacting with other dogs whose temperament is unknown to you, that you waive all rights that you may have to institute any suit or other proceeding to cover therefore.


6: You agree to pay Pet Bazaar NC in full at the time of pick-up. For stays over one month 1/2 payment is required upon drop-off. If payment cannot be made it will go to collections.


7: If your dog remains in our care longer than the original dates reserved and you are unreachable for 72 hours you give Pet Bazaar NC full custody of your animal and the right to re-home them to any home we deem acceptable.  


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