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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Pet Bazaar NC different than other kennels?

Pet Bazaar NC is a 24 hour care Home Environment Boarding Facility. We focus on dogs with special needs. High Anxiety, Elder Care, Supervised 24 hour care, and Show dogs are just a few examples of the type of dogs we typically have stay with us. If you have a very high energy pup we might not be the kennel for you. We DO NOT offer "All day play" We believe in keeping things as close to a home environment as we can get. Offering outside play and cool down play in doors while listening to some mellow tunes or watching movies like Bolt and Homeward Bound.  

What animals do you have?


Sue has an Australian Shepherd female named Saphira. She is the Momma Pack Leader and is always "working."

Cooper- Aussie/Heeler mix

Thunder- Chow mix

What If my dog is not potty trained?

-Pet Bazaar NC has a 3 strike rule for marking accidents indoors. Your pet will not be welcomed back if they are avid markers inside. Being a home environment your dog is expected to behave as they would in your home, if accidents like marking around the house is normal, we might not be the facility for you. 

(If your dog is incontinent, or a puppy that is learning...don't worry this doesn't apply to you) 

What information do you need to know about my dog before they arrive?

-I need to know if they have had contact with other dogs. 

-Allergies (if any)

-Are they allowed treats?

-Do you feed grain free food? (i have grain free treat options)

-Has he/she ever bitten other dogs or humans? 

-Food or Toy aggressive?

-Intact or Unspayed? 

What are your hours for drop off/pick ups?

Boarding hours are 7am-7pm and we are open 7 days a week. Please note that we are closed from 12-1 pm everyday for a "quiet time" for pets and lunch for us humans.  Appointments are not necessary, Pet Bazaar will take walk-in's but prefer appointments/Call Aheads so we can organize our day of play with the pups.   


My pet needs special care, can you accommodate?


Yes, We are very comfortable giving oral medication and injections. We have also cooked whole chickens & veggies as well as fed raw for strict dietary needs in the past.

Whats the best way to get in touch with you?

We try to answer promptly to emails and messages thru facebook, but the fastest way is via phone call  Sue= 407-867-1875  Kennel= 910-707-1005

What do i need to bring when i drop off my pet?


-We need a shot record showing they are up to date on the following:


* Bordetella -annually  

*Rabies -annually or 3 year vaccine

*We STRONGLY Suggest you ask your vet about the K-9 Influenza vaccine

We do not require the vaccine since we take in elder dogs/dogs on alot of medication but when it comes to your pets health we believe its the smart way to go when a deadly virus has been around the country. 

You can bring it in person, text a picture of it to 407-867-1875 , email to [email protected], or just have your vet fax me their records to: 


-We need their food. We do NOT like providing food for their stay as changing a dogs food will cause upset tummies and mood changes. If they run out of food a $2 a meal fee will apply.

-We also suggest bringing something that smells like home in case they miss you. (blanket/old shirt)  

-We do not need food/water bowls. We have a variety gulp stoppers and food raisers for all sizes if needed.

-We also do not need toys as we cannot be held responsible if another visitor dog plays with your pups toy. Toys and Beds are best for pups staying in suites. We follow a strict sanitation guideline when it comes to food bowls, toys, and water fountains.  

Can i check to see how my pet is doing?


Of course! We post daily pictures and videos on:

Facebook - Pet Bazaar NC

SnapChat - Pet Bazaar NC

Instagram - pet_bazaar_nc

Will my pet be left unattended for any given time?

Absolutely not! A Staff member will be with the pups 24 hours a day. We are closed to the public from 12-1 pm for lunch/quiet time and we stop taking pups at 7pm. We will not come to the door or answer the kennel phone after hours    

Where are you located? 

We are right behind Flaming Amy's Barn in Carolina Beach directly across the street from Town Hall. 

1140-C N Lake Park Blvd Carolina Beach NC 28428